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Key Points

The HUB, what's it all about?

We already make the World's lowest cost turnkey radio station but you asked for something even cheaper.  This is the lowest cost setup we've been able to  put together for you and represents exceptional value.  You get a mixer, dual CD/MP3 USB key DJ deck, Microphone and Studio Arm, Headphones, Speakers and some very smart desktop furniture and a MIC LIVE sign too.  Audio quality is excellent.  You can connect the mixing desk to external speakers with a pair of XLR cables.  The mixing desk is easy to use, all of the channels have a simple press ON button that opens that fader and starts playback on the CD/MP3 player or turns on the MIC LIVE sign.  You can add more microphones for your studio and an ON AIR & MIC LIVE sign for outside the room.

Available with or without a PC

To keep costs to an absolute minimum and to allow you to use existing equipment that you own including an iPad or Tablet device, we do all the mixing on the fader-desk.  We even supply jingles on a memory stick that can be used in the Numark Dual Player Deck or copied to your iPad/Touch Device for touch control playback.  You will need to purchase Cart Player or Jingle Player Software from the App Store or Google Store if you don't already own one.  There are plenty of FREE Apps too, so this doesn't have to cost you anything extra!  If you don't want to provide your own PC/iPad then consider The HUB PLUS as it comes with a rackmount PC and 22" Touch-Screen monitor and Jingle Player Software.

How do I broadcast?

As you don't need a powerful computer to drive broadcasting playout software with this solution, you can use a slightly older PC with a USB 2.0 interface to plug directly into the mixer.  You can download a free copy of ShoutCast or Windows Media Encoder and follow our instructions on how to broadcast across your network using an IP Audio Stream.  Listeners just have to be connected to your network or be on your Wi-Fi to listen to your live shows.  If you want you can push your broadcast to an Internet Radio Server and broadcast to the World!  You can even use Audacity, a free audio exiting programme on your laptop/desktop PC to record and edit your shows.   Alternatively, The HUB PLUS comes with everything included and configured ready to go.

HUB reporter

This is a complete Radio Station in a Box solution.  In just one flight case measuring 1000mm by 500mm deep and 330mm tall, we've packed in a HP i5 23.8" Touch Screen PC with 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD, Samsung 200w Sound System, Studio Microphone and Arm, Sonifex S0v2 9 Channel Mixer with 3.5mm AUX Input and Skype Fader, Headphones and HP Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. Jazler Show 2 Jingle Player with jingles and free delivery to Mainland Britain with half a day onsite training for Staff and Pupils.  You'll also get an automatically illuminated MIC LIVE sign and an ON AIR sign too.  H40  £5,995.00  This is great for MATs and those wanting to share their station or do lots of OBs.


Portable Studio

The Portable Studio, perfect solution for establishments that want to move their Radio Equipment around and broadcast from different classes



The lowest cost possible School Radio Equipment - ready to broadcast around your establishment


Using your own iPad or Tablet device with a free cart/jingle player saves you money


The Allen & Heath XB-10 offers exceptional value and gives a warm sound that you'll love


The Behringer B1 Studio Microphone is widely used in the School Radio Market and does a brilliant job


You can add a HUB Guest Pack to get two more Behringer B1 microphones with Studio Arms and Windshields and three more pairs of Headphones with an amplifier


If you have Skype on your PC that's connected to the mixing desk you can take and make VOIP calls and record them too!


We wanted to respond to your calls for an even cheaper School Radio equipment that you can easily use with Pupils of all ages and abilities without compromising on broadcast quality

If you don't want the hassle of providing your own Laptop/iPad, then The HUB PLUS is perfect as it comes as a complete "Turnkey" all-in solution with everything ready to go on a wide 22" touch-screen and powerful industrial rack mounted computer

All solutions are now provided with Beyerdynamic DT231 Pro Headphones at no extra cost!  These are closed cup studio headphones and are very comfortable. They adjust automatically around your head and we've been supplying these on our higher end professional studio systems for many years.  Single cable headphones are vital for safe classroom use!


This is our Professional "top of the range" version of our HUB PLUS Portable.  It comes with a flush fitted mixer that offers 4 mic channels, 12 Stereo channels and a professional TBU.   We've added Skype with an audition facility and a HOT BUS feature that allows you to hop on and off PGM and REC buses at will, something you can't do with a standard SO Mixer.  You can also plug an iPod into the 3.5mm socket on the Mixer.  We've also bundled a second 22" touch-screen monitor to double the screen-space, a guest pack to provide 2 more microphones and 4 more headphones and a presenter headphone pack.  Eight people can work with headphones on this equipment at the same time.  You also get a slide-out keyboard tray with a Keysonic keyboard and mouse together with a lockable drawer. This is an amazing product bundle and when added together represents exceptional value.  You get the Sonifex S0 mixer for around a £1000 extra.  This solution is not unlike the sort of kit you'd find in a commercial radio station.  It's easy to use and offers a lot of functionality to those that appreciate a more sophisticated solution but also want younger broadcasters to use the equipment!

You provide the PC and iPad

The Anderton Tiger HUB iPad provides an exceptionally low-cost entry level solution

19" 8U Rack-Mounted desktop furniture
Numark Dual CD & MP3 Player with two USB memory stick players with remote start
Allen & Heath 7 channel mixer with voice compressors and programme limiters
Behringer Media USB 40 Desktop Monitor Speakers (150watt)
Behringer B1 Studio Presenter Microphone
Orange Windshield
Rode PSA1 Studio Microphone Arm
Automatically illuminated mounted Sonifex MIC LIVE sign
Beyerdynamic DT231 Presenter Headphones
iPad mount and audio connection
Audio Connection Cables
Delivery and On-Site Training for mainland UK
1 year parts and labour and unlimited email & telephone support
£2,995.00 plus VAT

We provide the PC and 23" Wide Touch-Screen

The Anderton Tiger HUB PLUS - It's The HUB with a computer & touch-screen

All of the above PLUS the following
19" 4U Super-Quiet Industrial Rack-Mounted powerful computer
120GB SSHD Boot Drive plus Two 2TB Data Drives with RAID 1 Array to prevent data loss
Windows 10
Multi-Channel Sound Cards
23" iiayma Wide Screen Touch Monitor on a pole mount with 3m HDMI power loom cable
MS Full-sized keyboard
MS Mouse
Easy-to-use Jingle Player Software with 160 Jingles
Custom Professional Jingles with your Station Name
Streaming Software
Connection Cables
Delivery and a Whole Day On-Site Training for mainland UK
1 year parts and labour and unlimited email & telephone support
£5,995.00 plus VAT

Download our complete range of HUB products A5 Brochure as a PDF

The range and options

All prices are subject to VAT, No carriage charge when delivered with your HUB

  • The HUB

    The HUB iPad

    Everything you need to start your station including the mixer, jingles, on-site training and our outstanding support service for one year.

    H01  £2,995.00

  • The HUB

    The HUB reporter

    A complete radio station in a single flight case, 23.8" touch-screen HP All-in-One, Sonifex S0v2 Mixing Desk, 200w Speakers & Woofer

    H40  £5,995.00

  • The HUB

    The HUB PLUS

    You get a 4U PC & touch-screen monitor, jingle software, on-site training and our outstanding support service for one year.

    H11  £5,995.00

  • The HUB

    Portable Studio

    Based on the HUB PLUS, this Portable Studio solution moves around setup, there's  a fold-up guest table too, perfect for multi-class use.

    H15  £6,690.00

  • The HUB

    Portable PRO

    This Portable Studio solution provides a flush mount 12 channel + 4 mic mixer with Skype, 2nd monitor, guest & presenter packs & drawers.

    H35  £9,295.00

  • The HUB

    Studio PRO

    This Studio solution provides a flush mount 12 channel + 4 mic mixer with Skype, 2nd monitor, 8 headphones, 3 mics & studio arms.

    H60  £10,995.00

  • Anderton Tiger HUB Guest Pack

    Guest Pack

    Add two more microphones with windshields and studio arms, four headphones, an amplifier and all the cables to make it work.

    H02  £795.00

  • Headphone Pack

    Headphone Pack

    Add three more presenter headphones so that more people can take part in the show.  Headphone Amplifier and cables are included.

    H03  £195.00

  • Drawer 4U

    Storage Drawer

    Make use of the 4U space  that the desktop furniture has and add a lockable sliding drawer, great for CD's, Notes and valuables.  (Available for HUB & HUB PLUS Portable).

    H04  £110.00

  • Extra Touch Monitor

    Extra Monitor

    Add an extra touch-screen monitor to your HUB PLUS and expand your desktop real-estate, perfect for scripts, audio edits and emails during a show 5m cable.

    H07  £380.00

  • Extra MIC LIVE wall sign


    Put one of these signs outside of  your studio to tell everyone when you're ON AIR so that they don't disturb you. Wall mounted with connectors & switch with 10 metres of cable.

    H05  £350.00

  • Extra Training Day

    Extra Day

    Broaden the appeal of your new station with a whole day live radio production workshop.  Russell or Dan will come and work with your radio production team all day.   

    H06  £450.00

  • Extra Training Day

    IP Speakers

    Install some external IP Speakers using your network to reach playgrounds.  Installation kit includes Amp, Streaming Device, Speakers, Cables and weatherproof connections.

    H09  £895.00

  • Portable Studio Upgrade

    Portable Upgrade

    Upgrade any existing product to our new Portable Studio Solution, onsite upgrade available too, exceptional build quality furniture and extra features make this an exceptional investment.

    H10  £1,695.00