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Silverstone Junior School A whole school TAKING part for a 1 hour live show.
Jaguar Maths Challenge Live from The COMPETITION venue in Warwickshire.
BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine OPENED Long Field Live Radio Station.
NDLE2013 Educators' Workshop Cardiff Football Stadium Listen Again.

Get Russell involved in your Radio Project

Consider just one or a series of activities, whatever you choose, you'll notice the impact immediately!  In 2018 Russell worked almost full-time on this year's Arts Council of Wales Lead Creative Schools Programme in six different schools.  All with different project objectives but all with a common goal for improving Literacy & Oracy.  Russell's intervention provided some outstanding learning opportunities and engaged with thousands of listeners.

Markam Primary School  Heath Park School planning their Sports report  Cardiff West High School Sports Guest

Based around the research work of Prof. Sugata Mitra on the concept of SOLE, Self Organised Learning Environments, Russell plans and delivers a whole day activity for small or large groups.  The list of benefits is endless but you should expect to see improvements in Self Confidence, Self Image, Coping Skills, Dealing with Change, Problem Solving and Collaboration.  We'll provide you with the evidence of these improvements too, Russell will record the rehearsal performances and share these with you.  The comparison will be outstanding, you'll never believe the improvement your learners could make in such a short space of time.  Below you'll find all of Russell's shows this year as part of this amazing creative initiative in Wales.  On each visit, the selected group of young people work with Russell on a broadcast for that day.  We reflect on the news, weather and sports in the wider World and consider Safeguarding and Gaming News topics too.  All designed to motivate and inspire your young folks and encourage them to write scripts, perform and cope with making a mistake.  This has helped to develop Resilience and improved Happiness levels and our work with The Big Lottery's HeadStart Programme in Wolverhampton proved improvements in Mental Health.

Russell also enjoys residencies in several Schools.  As a Radio Professional in Residence the School gets regular visits and is able to identify young folks that require additional support and help in developing vital confidences in language and reading.  Typically each visit ends with a live broadcast performance.  All of Russell's work is published as a listen again recording and these are available at www.SoundCloud.com/RussellPrue  Please contact Sarah if you'd like to discuss a project or a short or long-term residency for Russell.



For Young People and Educators

This is our most popular workshop, A Live Radio Broadcasting activity but other workshops are available!

Our 'Everyone wants to Broadcast' Live Radio Workshop is by far our most popular.  This is a whole day activity and can involve up to 100 pupils if you have the space.  They will split into 10 teams and work in these groups all day.  There is time for rehearsals and to perfect their scripts.  This is a fast paced day that's exceptionally rewarding.  The teams will be nervous but that's expected as they will get a real live audience listening at the end of the day.  Typically the broadcast will last from 30-60 mins and is usually at the end of the school day.  On some occasions parents are invited into the hall or gather outside the school to listen to the live broadcast on speakers or on their phones.  Our FREE Google Play APP and Apple iOS Apps are available for download and will carry our live broadcast.

The cost of a workshop this term starts at £500 plus VAT

Russell will bring all of the equipment needed for the show, all you'll have to provide are some laptops/tablets for research and some paper and pens - although iPads and Tablets are perfectly good enough to read from!

You may like to photograph the day or perhaps ask some other pupils to make a video of the activity.  We provide an MP3 recording of the rehearsals and of the live show.  Use of our 85010 Text Service is included.

The programme format follows a typical magazine style provincial radio show covering news, school news, weather, sports and there's a chance to write and perform a live Radio Play with sound effects.

There's no need for any preparation or staff intervention, you'll quickly find that pupils that normally require TA support suddenly don't.  You'll need a room big enough to accommodate the whole group working in teams around tables.  Russell's equipment only requires a mains electricity connection but he will need some tables for his studio equipment.  Depending on the size of your workshop space, up to 100 young people can be included in this activity.  You can expect outcomes associated with improvements in confidence, speaking, writing, resilience, listening.  The impact doesn't just affect the participants, listeners too also benefit from the workshop!

Travelling expenses are added to the cost of the day as is overnight accommodation the night before if necessary.

Please contact Sarah 0845 838 5150 to make a booking or to find out more


Thornley Primary School

Perfect for Adults too at conferences and on INSET days

With the focus on a live broadcast the team has to pull together, everyone is on task and we all have to get along.  Sometimes we lead, sometimes we don't.  I've found by offering this workshop as an INSET and also a Corporate training activity that Adults can benefit from a little practice at group collaboration too.

There's also something about urgency and working to a tight deadline in Radio, when we say we'll start the show at 3.00pm we start on-time no matter what state the programme is in!

Group size depends on what you're thinking of getting out of the activity, this is a scalable exercise and works well with 20 or 200.

Please contact Sarah 0845 838 5150 to make a booking or to find out more


Adult Workshops

The Equipment we use

It is the workshops that prompted us to design and make our own radio broadcasting equipment, we simply weren't happy with what was on offer.

We use The Anderton Tiger HUB Reporter and Guest Studio, the kit is so easy to use we spend less time on instruction and more time on creating the content for a brilliant show.  For us the outcome is more important than learning how to broadcast with complex equipment.

Really good School Radio equipment doesn't have to cost the Earth but does have to deliver the impact that you're expecting.  We've done this and it will exceed your expectations and delight your learners.

Find out more by visiting Anderton Tiger HUB range of products



Top Rated 5-Star Reviews
Featured Review

"You are an inspiration to the students and to all of us. I am so impressed that the students walk through the door and just bring themselves.  The whole day comes from their own planning, thinking and research and it all comes together so well." TERESA GOLD - Waingels College

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Presenting with IMPACT!

Available for any Level

Based on Russell's successful presenting career & book

Covering all aspects of presenting to an audience but especially using technology.  Where to put the screen, where to stand, these are just two of the most popular questions we get on this course.  How much text should I have on the screen?  Another great question.  Russell will provide a whole day course with plenty of presenting opportunity for everyone.  We can provide both in-house or externally organised events depending on who you want to mix with.  You might even like a bit of our 121 service, perfect for colleagues who want the focus to be just on them and have the whole day in private.  This doesn't cost as much as you'd think!  Russell's presentation skills book sold 2000 copies and has a Top 5-star Amazon rating.  A free e-Book version is available for every delegate.
Please contact Sarah to find out more

Broadcast Training

Get more from your radio station investment

Whole day training course with plenty of live broadcasting on our own Radio Channel

From planning to voice coaching, we can use your equipment or bring everything ourselves.  This course is specifically about School Radio and not part of a College radio broadcasting course.  From beginners to advanced multi-host training you'll get a lot out of our whole day course.  There is no limit of group size either, we can deploy a whole team to manage your course, Dan and Will are both accomplished experts and have a lot of experience of School Radio.

Please contact Sarah to find out more