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Our own 24/7 Internet Radio Station

We are the only School Radio Station manufacturer in the World that operates their own 24hr Radio Station. We power our station with the same equipment that we make for Schools, Colleges and Academies.   Please listen anytime and judge for yourself just how good our kit really is!  Find out more about our amazing Education Radio Equipment we make for Schools www.AndertonTiger.com/HUB

Live Radio is different to Podcasting, because it's live, our audience can participate in real-time, just like AM/FM radio. Listeners can ask questions, contribute to discussions and give their opinions on a wide range of subjects. They can telephone and text into the show too.  We have studios in Buckinghamshire but our main output consists of a rolling programme featuring some of our recent best bits using the latest voice-tracking technology that inserts time-checks in real-time.

Many of our shows are Outside Broadcast Shows, we take our Anderton Tiger Education Radio Equipment to interesting locations and broadcast live from there.  We will have advertised our live show or our client will have done so through their usual channels and our live OB will break into our rolling programme at the appointed time.  Our audio is broadcast from our streaming solution provider http://Radio.co  who are coping with our high demand with great ease.  You will find our FREE listening Apps in the iTunes Store and in the Google Store for Android devices.  You can also listen using Tune-In Radio who also have their own APP and of course on any Internet Radio Device like a Roberts Radio Stream Series.

We also use our Radio Channel to broadcast live Workshops with young people, giving them the experience of being LIVE without a 'safety net'.  These Workshops have formed part of our research into pupil centred uses of technology and how SOLE (self organised learning environments) function.  Professor Sugata Mitra - Newcastle University, winner of the £1m TED lecture prize for further research who is also a good friend of our station and he has pioneered much of this research.  We've discovered a neat way of motivating and inspiring young people with a time dependent topical workshop broadcast that they know their peers will be listening to!  We'd like to encourage more education establishments to have their own Radio Stations and to broadcast on the Net on a regular basis.  We have plenty of evidence in the form of Pupil & Student Voice demonstrating that the motivating bit is the "Real Audience".  It really isn't difficult and doesn't have to cost the Earth, we are proof of that!  We have some great equipment that starts at just £2,995 plus VAT.

Unlike conventional AM/FM broadcasts we know exactly how many listeners we have at any moment, we also have a pretty good idea where they are too.

All of our shows are educationally focused and address the real issues facing Educators today.  We go into much more detail than any other mainstream broadcaster could or would because our audience is mainly from this sector and because these issues need raising!  A perfect example would be our involvement in the last few years of Safer Internet Day.  A World-wide celebration of the safe use of the Internet.  Our 12 hour live non-stop show generated a total listening audience of over 40 million.  This year NetSupport Software asked us to create and power a Pop-Up Radio Station for them at BETT2018.  We powered their station and created NetSupport Radio. We're going to be be doing it again for NetSupport in 2019 - find us on stand D120 & D130

HUB Reporter broadcasting live with Westwood with Iford Primary School Children

The equipment shown here and being operated by the young people from Westwood Radio, a station setup at Westwood with Iford Primary School.  Here they are boradcasting live from the WEICT 2017 event in Bristol, a programme themed on Internet Safety.  The Reporter costs just £5,995 and uses a Sonifex S0v2 9 channel desk with some Anderton Tiger enhancements!

We've powered many Pop-Up Station over the past few years, BETT Radio, EICE Radio Manchester, Toshiba Radio,  The Sunday Times Education Festival Radio from  Wellington College to name just a few.


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Listen live now using one of these players, on our channel this week a mix of our top shows from last term.  Any live OB will automatically interrupt the rolling programme at the stated time, there won't be any need to restart your player as the link is handled seamlessly by our servers.  You can comment and participate live during our show, we have a short-code universal text number 85010 that goes straight to the studio.  Remember to start all of your texts with the word RADIO.  Texts are charged at your standard message rate - no additional charge is made.



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To find out more about the equipment we use and also about our Student and Pupil Workshops that we run in Schools and Academies - use the navigation menu at the top of this page or search for us in Google.  We make the cheapest School Radio kit in the World, we teach young people how to broadcast, write compelling scripts, work well and collaborate in groups.  To see our latest hardware, special offers and unique approach to School Radio please visit www.AndertonTiger.com/Broadcasting 

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